School Age Program

Offered at:

The Fairwood Site

The San Miguel Site

The Ellis Site

School-age children from Kindergarten to 5th grade come to our after school program for a safe, secure, fun and exciting environment. After a long day at school our school age children can choose to work on their homework, play outdoor games, enjoy arts and crafts, use the computer, read or join in a board game.

Our goals for the school age children include protecting his or her health and welfare, providing opportunities for developing physical, cognitive, social and emotional capacities and promoting self expression in art, music, language, science and physical activity. In addition to these goals, we attempt to provide ample opportunity for fun, rest, relaxation and recreation. These times are important in the process of socialization which involves freedom of choice in friendships as well as a time to learn respect for those with whom we must appreciate, our friends.

Curriculum Includes:

Field Trips

Arts and Crafts

Cooking and Science Projects

Music and Drama

Physical Development Activities

Computer and Video Games