Preschool Program

Offered at:

The Fairwood Site

The San Miguel Site

The Ellis Site (Morning Program Only 8:30-11:30)

California Young World’s primary goal for our preschoolers is to help prepare them for grade school, to broaden their horizons and provide basic skills that will make for an easier and more familiar experience when they enter elementary & secondary school systems.

Our curriculum is child focused and allows for teacher flexibility.

We accept and support both the child’s dependence and independence. We have a fundamental belief that all children are initiators, explorers and self-learners. It is the sole responsibility of our expertly trained staff to create an environment for children that is physically safe, mentally stimulating, emotionally nurturing and abundant in choice.

Curriculum Includes:

Reading Readiness
Our program begins with an exploration of the world around us — “reading” it by looking, touching, smelling, listening — to become familiar with the new-to-us things the letters and words will tell about. Listening to stories about our children, we realize they often think about the same things we do, and in the very same way! Books tell us about exciting escapades and far away places. Reading itself is an adventure! Let’s begin!

Physical Development
Gross motor skills are developed as children run and play on the playground, as they jump, hop, skip, run, etc., in the classroom and outdoors, either in free play or as a structured activity, e.g., circle and singing games, music and movement activities, responding to verbal commands, e.g., hop, hop, stop… walk, walk, stop, etc., or moving to the rhythm of a drum or hand claps, imitating motions of animals or wind and rain, etc., in dramatic play. Small muscle activities include manipulating clay, Legos, small blocks or tiles, cutting and pasting, painting, drawing, coloring, working puzzles, etc.

Children have opportunities throughout the day to choose a manipulative activity (self-directed) as well as participating in teacher directed activities e.g., cooking (measuring, stirring rolling), structured art projects and patterning with pegs, Lego, etc., and finger-plays.

Math Readiness
Our program is designed to present children with the concepts and vocabulary basic to mathematics. This includes counting, number recognition, number relationships and values, sequencing and comparisons and classification.

Creative Arts
Our purpose is to bring out the creativity latent in every child. Our program has been devised to present the children with a variety of creative experiences they might not otherwise have. Our goal always is to develop the child’s full potential as a child, not as a future talent. Through arts and crafts the children learn to express themselves in a variety of media, including finger painting, drawing, clay, collages and crafts. Dancing and interpretive body movements, singing experimentation with various musical instruments, making a rhythm band — these are ways children learn to communicate with joy and meaning.

Language Arts
Learning to distinguish the sounds of words and letters through participation is very satisfying. The emphasis here is on conversation and dramatic play with poetry and puppets.

Nature Studies and Science
Learning about animals, insects and birds; watching things grow under our care, exploring nature… all this nurtures a sense of respect and love for the fragile world around us. Simple experiments teach basic scientific concepts.

Field Trips
Your child’s world is expanding rapidly; he is eager to see what lies beyond the familiar yard, the house next door. To help expand that world, our staff takes the children on carefully supervised field trips. These excursions are coordinated with our other activities and add an important new dimension to the childcare experience.